Referral Protocol

Protocol of this clinic is that a referral is necessary from your family doctor or pediatrician.

Jeffrey Buchhalter MD, PhD, FAAN

Director, Comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Program
Alberta Children’s Hospital
Professor of Pediatrics & Clinical Neurosciences
University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine

Luis Bello-Espinosa, MD

Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary
Pediatric Epilepsy and Child Neurology, Alberta Children's Hospital

Research and Clinical Interests:
"My special clinical interest is the management of refractory epilepsies in childhood, including assessment for potential surgical management of some of these epilepsies. In addition, as a Paediatric Epileptologist  I have a particular interest in the management and treatment of seizures in autistic children.
I have also been a collaborator of the study of Family studies on Epilepsies. This collaboration has been with Dr. David Greenberg in New York out of Columbia University"